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Guided Tours

The Moon over the Colosseum


The Parco archeologico del Colosseo is pleased to reactivate the “Moon over the Colosseum” guided tours starting from 25 July, with a brand-new itinerary

Where: Rome, Colosseum

Who: Single visitors; groups of adults

When: 25 July – 31 October 2020, every Saturday starting at 20:00

Themes: ancient history and archaeology

Duration: 60’

Number of participants: 20



Full: 24 euro

Reduced: 22 euro

Family package: 44 euro for two adults and a maximum of three kids under the age of 18

Description: the Moon over the Colosseum, the nighttime visit through the Flavian Amphitheater, is back!

The 2020 edition is better than ever with a new itinerary to discover the medieval graffiti recently uncovered along the 1st tier’s external ambulacrum, just inside the entrance: “Of wizards, necromancers, shepherds and other trades: an unusual path through an unusual Colosseum”.  The tour continues through the arena floor after a discussion of the phases of the monument’s construction and how it’s structured. Visitors will be led up to the second tier to gaze out over the bastions, walk through the “Il Colosseo si racconta” exhibition and end up on the Valadier Terrace, where a discussion on neighboring monuments like the Temple of Venus and Roma and the Arch of Constantine will be the perfect ending to a visit to the most visited amphitheater in the world.

Goals: The nighttime event is perfect for guests interested in the opportunity to visit the Colosseum after sundown, straying from the usual tourist itineraries and taking in all the beauty of the Colosseum wrapped in an unusual atmosphere and glowing in a special light.

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