Full Experience – Arena

Full Experience is the ticket for the guest who wants to discover the Roman Forum, the Palatine and the Colosseum without missing a single experience on offer by the Parco archeologico del Colosseo.

An in-depth visit to the PArCo, meant to be enjoyed over two days, perfect for visitors who want to take their time to discover every inch of the PArCo, with all the features of an ordinary ticket plus the “SUPER sites”, monuments in an exceptional state of conservation, with greatly reduced visitor capacity, united by their beautiful frescoes and other wall decorations that give a glimpse, with extraordinary accuracy, into the lively daily life of the heart of ancient Rome.

Visitors will be amazed by the most intimate corners of the House of Augustus, by the marble decorations on display in the Palatine Museum, or by the walk up the Imperial Ramp, between the Palatine and the Roman Forum, to reach Santa Maria Antiqua, with its extraordinary Late Antique palimpsest wall paintings highlighted by wall mapping and digital reconstructions.

Thanks to the ticket’s two-day duration, visitors who wish to enjoy their visit to the PArCo to the fullest can take advantage of extended breaks to rest, study or just contemplate their surroundings, taking all the time they need for their visit or even dividing it over two days, to take a rest at home or explore the nearby Monti and Celio neighborhoods. In the Colosseum, visitors will have access to both tiers, with the permanent exhibition “Il Colosseo si racconta”, the belvedere terraces and the arena floor.

The ticket is valid for 48 hours from the first entry into the PArCo, which can take place at the Colosseum or the Roman Forum/Palatine area: you can organize your visit just the way you want, scheduling entry to the Colosseum and deciding whether to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine, with their four SUPER sites, before or after: the Colosseum and arena floor in the morning, and the special sites of the Forum and Palatine in the afternoon.

The ticket is available exclusively online: ticketholders will have a single scheduled entry to the Colosseum and a single non-scheduled entry to the Roman Forum/Palatine area (within 48 hours from the ticket’s first use).

Guests are encouraged to visit the four SUPER sites — the Palatine Museum, the House of Augustus, Santa Maria Antiqua and the Imperial Ramp — using the 5 itineraries available and downloadable free of charge on the free ParcoColosseo app: one through the Colosseum (once you enter the route is marked and there is no turning back) and four, interchangeable, through the Roman Forum and Palatine.

We advise guests to check opening hours of the special sites and to arrive at the entrance to the Colosseum 10 minutes prior to scheduled entry time. Entry to the Colosseum is not far from the Arch of Constantine, near the so-called “Valadier Terrace”. Admission to the Roman Forum and Palatine area is available at Arch of Titus entrance and at the Largo della Salara Vecchia entrance and visitors don’t need to schedule their entry time. Ticketholders will be able to visit the site depending on the area’s capacity and are free to visit it before or after their scheduled entry to the Colosseum.


Access to the House of Livia, the Domus Transitoria and the Loggia Mattei, the Neronian Cryptoporticus and the Temple of Romulus at the Roman Forum are also temporarily suspended.