Project for the study, cataloguing and public opening of the deposits

The Catalogue Service, Mobile Relics and Deposits performs functions and tasks related to the inventorying and cataloguing of the historical-archaeological and historical-artistic heritage of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, and coordinates its development in keeping with the objectives and strategies pursued by the Park itself and the ministerial policies.

The Service deals in particular with:

  • ensuring the inventory and cataloguing of the archaeological, historical and artistic assets of the Park, both those already available and those derived from new excavations and surveys in the Park area;
  • managing the Computer System of archaeological relics and artwork entries and the Historical-Scientific Archive of the Inventory and Catalogue;
  • planning the activities of protection, conservation and growth of the Historical-Scientific Archive of the Inventory and Catalogue;
  • maintaining relations with the ICCD;
  • providing the financial accountants of the inventoried Mobile Assets (model 15);
  • guaranteeing consultation of the inventory and catalogue entries by scholars at Italian and foreign universities and/or Italian and foreign cultural institutes;
  • ensuring the protection, conservation and enhancement of the Mobile Assets displayed to the public, stored in deposits/warehouses and the Park’s open spaces;
  • carrying out projects of functional updating, adaptation, restoration and preparation of the spaces used as warehouses/deposits in close collaboration with the officials responsible for these premises;
  • collaborating in the presentation of exhibitions and events;
  • conducting preliminary investigation of loans for the Park’s Mobile Assets;
  • preparing documents for Agreements/Conventions with Italian and foreign universities and/or Italian and foreign cultural institutes for the study of the Park’s Mobile Relics;
  • preparing the documents and conducting the procedures for the loan of Mobile Assets intended for exhibitions and events of high scientific value in Italy and/or abroad.

To increase the knowledge, protection and valorisation of the archaeological heritage of the Park, campaigns are planned for inventorying and cataloguing the archaeological finds in keeping with the guidelines of the Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation. Information about the finds, preserved in the Historical-Scientific Archives, will be managed by an open access system, now being perfected. By interfacing with and comparing the data, it will restore the close link between monuments/contexts and related finds. By digitising the data, it will be possible to trace the whole history of each piece, from recovery to restoration, also promoting the dissemination of the Park’s Mobile Heritage through exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

As part of this work, an annual program of storage and georeferencing of their contents is planned to launch an activity of study and publication of scientific data about the Park’s Mobile Assets, including the involvement of institutes and universities in Italy and abroad.

To make the public aware of the Park’s extraordinary cultural heritage, visits are also planned that will reveal its hidden treasures, enhance its conservation activities, and lead visitors to discover the cultural path that lies behind every single find.