Biblioteca Foro Romano-Palatino

The Biblioteca Foro Romano-Palatino (“Biblioteca Palatina”) was established by Giacomo Boni. Having become Director of the Excavation of Antiquities of the Roman Forum, he wished to accompany the archaeological investigations he had undertaken since 1898 with the creation of a museum and a Library. The original nucleus of the Library consisted of volumes published between the 16th and 19th centuries as studies of Roman antiquities and critical editions of Latin and Greek authors, as fundamental support for the knowledge of the ancient world. To these were added the most important contemporary treatises on history, anthropology, history of religions, topography, archaeology and Greek and Roman epigraphy, as well as a large holding of periodicals and a remarkable collection of graphic materials and photographs of archaeological subjects. The result was an exceptional correspondence between written texts and graphic, cartographic and photographic material that enriched the research and study centre of the Roman Forum.

Over the years the work of increasing the Library’s holdings of books has continued through purchases, donations and exchanges, so that from the thousand initial volumes, recognisable by Giacomo Boni’s ex libris and the notes of possession (signatures, acronyms, stamps, dedications), it has grown to the current 30,000 volumes.

At present the Library is housed in premises in the Museo Nazionale Romano-Museo di Palazzo Altemps, Piazza S. Apollinare 46, 00186 Rome.



Access to the Biblioteca Foro Romano-Palatino

Currently the Library collections can be consulted on the premises located in the Museo Nazionale Romano – Palazzo Altemps.
To use the Library, applicants should fix an appointment by sending a request to the address:

Head Librarian: Dr. Donatella Garritano

The Library reserves the right to communicate any changes to the timetable. 


External users are required to register at the entrance to the office and to sign the entry register in the consultation room.

A maximum of five books can be left on the tables for consultation for a maximum duration of two weeks.

In the Library rooms it is permitted to introduce PCs and photographic equipment for the reproduction of texts.

If necessary to the consultation of the documents held by the Library, users can introduce volumes or photocopies of their own upon authorization.


Users may not remove the works independently from the shelves.

To request a volume, users must complete the form provided. The volumes delivered to the user will be recorded in the register, countersigned on collection and return.

The staff Library staff has the authority to arrange inspections and checks of the materials that scholars possess.

Scholars are required to respect the condition and integrity of the documents supplied for consultation.


The Library does not currently have a Reproduction Office. Any requests for reproduction, made by the user’s own means (photographic equipment, scanners) must be previously authorized. 

Behavior and Sanctions

Users must comply with the provisions of the law, in particular the current legislation on the use of public places and on false declarations.They must also comply with the these Regulations.

Anyone who contravenes these regulations, without prejudice to any civil or criminal liability, may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the Library. In particular, those guilty in any way of removing, mutilating or damaging the patrimony of the Parco Archeologico or the Colosseum will be excluded from the Library, referred to the judicial authority and reported to the superior ministerial authority. Anyone who signs or writes, even in pencil, on books and documents or disturbs in any way the activity of study and work may be excluded. Those responsible will be obliged to compensate for any such damage in all the above cases.