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Areas and Monuments

The Museums

The Parco archeologico del Colosseo is not just a place populated by immense structures immersed in a natural landscape. It is also home to permanent collections, which recount the birth of the city and its political, legal and commercial dimensions, its foundation by Romulus, the age of the Imperial palaces and finally the history of the Flavian Amphitheater.

The story will unfold within a museum system strongly interconnected, both physically and digitally, consisting of the existing Antiquarium of the Palatine, the Museum of the Colosseum, and the forthcoming Museum of the Roman Forum.

The Colosseum Museum

"The Museo del Colosseo" is on the second level and illustrates the history of the monument, starting from ancient times when it was used for spectacles to the new occupation of its spaces in the Middle Ages, to its great 19th-century restoration and so down to the present.

The Palatine Museum

The Palatine Museum is housed in the former Monastery of the Visitation, built in 1868 on the remains of Domitian’s palace. It shows finds from the origins of Rome to the Imperial age. Here are the mosaics and precious paintings from Nero’s Domus Transitoria.