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PArCo Membership Card

Join the community of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum. Only for you, unlimited access for 12 months to the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and Colosseum area. As well as exclusive tours inside the archaeological area, discounts, and special opportunities to attend cultural events held in the protected spaces of the PArCo.
Treat yourself and gift a timeless experience!


PArCo promotes the cultural system,
education, and environmental protection.


PArCo and the cultural system.

The Archaeological Park of the Colosseum interprets its mission by focusing on the sustainability of its actions through a network of collaborations and dialogue with museums, cultural institutes, local authorities, associations in the territory, schools, and universities.

PArCo Green

A large green area.

The Archaeological Park of the Colosseum is not just an archaeological site, but also a large green area that extends for more than 40 hectares in the heart of the city of Rome. A “natural park” where spontaneous vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean area, coexists with the large trees planted in recent centuries.


The PArCo for everyone.

The concern for the most vulnerable public has always been at the center of the programming of PArCo’s activities, with the aim of making them as inclusive as possible given the nature of the places, which are rich in ancient structures and therefore characterized by frequent changes in altitude that are not always accessible to everyone despite the numerous ramps, elevators, and lifts available.


A creative workshop of ideas for everyone

We interpret and tell the heritage of PArCo in a different way every time: through comics, games, the narration of a story, even with recipes from ancient Romans, or exciting videos that allow everyone to fly and reach it!