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the PArCo adheres to the “Born with Culture” project, a museum reception project dedicated to the first year of children’s lives and providing assistance to parents.


Sanitary facilities of PArCo:

8 public restrooms are located mainly near entrances and exits, all of which are accessible to visitors with mobility issues. Diaper changing stations are available in the restrooms located at the entrance to the PArCo on Via di San Gregorio and near the exit onto Via Foro Romano, at the southeast corner of the Basilica Iulia.

A changing station and one restroom for visitors with mobility issues have been added to the 14 restrooms present on the first tier of the Colosseum, at a short distance from the entrance turnstiles.

Defibrillators of PArCo:

Thanks to a strategic partnership with the Giorgio Castelli Foundation NPO, who donated a series of new AED defibrillators, the PArCo is now equipped with 14 cardioprotective devices, of which 5 are located in the Flavian Amphitheater, 7 throughout the Roman Forum and Palatine areas and 2 in the Domus Aurea. In the Forum/Palatine area, defibrillators are located near entrances (Arch of Titus, Via di San Gregorio, Largo della Salara Vecchia), near restrooms (Palatine Museum and Basilica Iulia in the Roman Forum), near the vending machines at the Horti Farnesiani and in the security guard booth. In the Colosseum, defibrillators are located on the first tier (near the ticket booths and in the inner ring, in the security coordinators’ room) and on the second tier. In the Domus Aurea area defibrillators are located near entrance and near the exit.

Rest areas of PArCo and drinking fountains:

There are some 70 benches present throughout the PArCo, in several cases located near drinking fountains (Vicus Argentarii/Tabularium; SE corner Basilica Iulia; Horti Farnesiani; Palatine/Domus Augustana and southern path). The placement of new rest areas is currently underway, to be located in the shade and equipped with various amenities, including informative materials for visitors with sensory disabilities. The PArCo furthermore plans to double the total number of benches available to visitors. The PArCo currently has 10 drinking fountains, in addition to the potable water available in all 8 public restrooms. In the Colosseum there are 8 benches on the second tier, placed throughout the exposition areas of the Museo Colosseo and the temporary exhibitions, while privileged rest areas are located at the viewing points in the Belvedere and at the Triumphalis and Libitinaria gates. Between the first and second tiers 2 courtesy fountains are available, while public water structures and historical reconstructions of Roman age fountains are to be included in the Acea/Areti integrated project.

Vending machines of PArCo:

Vending machines stocked with drinks and snacks are located on the Via Nova, in the Horti Farnesiani and in the Stadium of the Domus Augustana. Bottled water dispensers are available in the bookshops on the first and second tiers of the Colosseum.

Golf carts:

The PArCo has 3 electric golf carts at its disposal to facilitate the movement of security personnel, both in carrying out routine patrols and when dealing with emergency situations. The PArCo also has an additional golf cart purpose-built to assist in the movement of visitors with mobility issues equipped with their own wheelchair.

Accesses of PArCo:

The PArCo’s 3 main entry and exit points (Largo della Salara Vecchia, Arch of Titus, Via di San Gregorio) are all accessible to wheelchair users, as are the 3 entrances to the Flavian Amphitheater designated for individuals and groups along the monument’s northern side, as well as the entrance at the Stern spur.

Routes through the PArCo:

As part of the ongoing reorganization of the PArCo’s paths to make them accessible for all, an alternative to the Via Sacra is now available, permitting visitors to reach the main monuments in the Roman Forum (House of the Vestals, Temple of Romulus, Lacus Iuturnae, Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Piazza del Foro, Curia). Reaching the summit of the Palatine Hill, although not particularly difficult, is still contingent upon several brief stretches of relatively steep paths and generally irregular paving throughout. Plans are underway to increase the overall length of the paths accessible to all from 1.5 to 2.0 kilometers.

Inside the Colosseum there is a marked path for all which covers most of the first tier and, thanks to the elevators placed specifically for visitors with mobility issues, the entirety of the second tier.

Elevators of PArCo:

The accessible routes in the Roman Forum and on the Palatine include an elevator at the Salara Vecchia entrance, an elevator at the Curia Iulia on the Via dei Fori Imperiali level, an elevator (currently under maintenance) on Via dei Cerchi and an elevating platform at the Arch of Titus. The Palatine Museum is equipped with an elevator and two stairlifts. In the Colosseum an elevator placed specifically for visitors with mobility issues connects the first and second tiers while access to underground levels is guaranteed with a freight elevator. Connected to the higher levels will be completed in 2019 thanks to financing from fundraising activities.

Audio guides:

From 1 June 2020 the LIS and ASL Audioguide serrvice in the Colosseum is temporarily not available.

Sensory tactile panels of PArCo:

A tactile guide through the PArCo is available and accessible to all. A total of 11 tactile panels are present, including 3 in the Roman Forum, 3 on the Palatine Hill, 4 inside the Palatine Museum and 1 in the Colosseum. The panels tell the history and the architectural evolution of the area’s neighborhoods and buildings, contextualized within a timeline that reveals the various changes that took place over an extremely long period of time.

Radio guide with braille keyboard:

Service currently being implemented.

Wheelchair availability:

5 wheelchairs are available at the main entrances to the Roman Forum and Palatine. On the first tier of the Colosseum, 3 wheelchairs are available at the reception and security office.

Guided tours in LIS, ASL and IS:

Service currently being implemented.

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