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Alfonsina Russo

Alfonsina Russo

Alfonsina Russo has been an Executive Archaeologist since 2009. After graduating with honours from the University of Perugia, she obtained, again with honours, the Specialization in Classical Archaeology from the University of Lecce and a PhD in Archaeology from the consortium of the Universities of Perugia, Milan and Ferrara.

Specializing in the problems of relations of cultural exchanges between the peoples of the ancient Mediterranean, she has published two monographs and over 100 articles in Italian and international journals.

In recent years her work has focused in particular on preventive archaeology, territorial valorisation, museum design and the organisation of exhibitions in Italy and abroad, achieving notable results in her previous posts, both in the safeguarding of the archaeological heritage (actions against illegal construction and unauthorised excavations) and in the work of valorisation (opening museums and archaeological sites to the public).

She has worked on partnership projects with universities in Italy and abroad and with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The most recent were the exhibition devoted to the important archaeological discoveries made in 2013 in the necropolis of Vulci presented at the Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire in Brussels to mark the semester of the Italian Presidency of the EU and the coordination of territorial valorisation projects EXPO 2015.