Director Alfonsina Russo welcomes the public onsite and online


Throughout this two years (2020-2021), marred by a health crisis that has affected citizens and institutions alike, Culture has been and continues to be a point of reference for us all, children and adults. The necessity to stay confined to our homes or workplaces without being able to enjoy the beauty of our cultural heritage, now widely recognized for its role as ‘activator of psycho-physical wellbeing’, has encouraged and boosted the development of digital offers, not meant as mere substitutes to in-person visits, but designed to be extensions thereof, offering new experiences just as engaging and immersive.

The Parco archeologico del Colosseo reopens to the public on February 1st the doors of its sites, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Colosseum, reactivating the activities in presence, also in view of the inaugurations of the scheduled exhibitions: for the public at home, unable to move, and for those who want to prepare to enjoy the pleasure of the visit on site, remains the possibility to approach an extraordinary digital heritage to explore and enjoy online, safely, constantly updated and proposed to the public.

 This is the result of the extraordinary work that has been done over the past few years by the many dedicated women and men who have taken such care in preserving our cultural heritage day in and day out. The fruits of their labors have been gathered and made accessible here.

Indeed, work at the PArCo has not stopped: research, conservation, maintenance, study and, therefore, education are all ongoing.

A series of online events is already available, giving visitors access to the worksites of restoration projects in progress as well as to other exclusive presentations: we’ll take you on brand-new itineraries throughout the PArCo, the organizers of “Pompei 79 d.C. Una storia romana” will guide you through the new exhibition, and we’ll invite you to follow the PArCo’s day-to-day activities with our Wednesday morning live feeds.

To make this journey of discovery even easier, we’ve gathered all the resources necessary to explore the PArCo online on this page: from the Mirabilia, featuring a selection of the masterpieces from the heart of ancient Rome, to the permanent collections of the Palatine Museum and the “Il Colosseo si racconta” exhibit; from our themed itineraries to the resources designed for educational activities for kids and to our new themed apps. To help all of our visitors stay up-to-date, we’ve prepared a constantly updated calendar of events and we’ve gathered here, on our social wall, all the posts from the @parcocolosseo Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profiles.

The PArCo is online and waiting at your fingertips.

This is our “Fifth site”, always open no matter what’s going on outside: a place for discussion, to keep in touch with us, to build relationships, to continue to explore and to grow, all together again.