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Thursday 4 April, at 16:30, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo will remember Professor Sebastiano Tusa, whose recent and unexpected passing comes as a profound loss for the cultural sector.

Professor Tusa was to speak at the Parco on the 4th of April as part of a conference in the Curia Iulia planned as the first tangible result of the collaboration begun in the previous months in preparation of the exhibition Carthage, the immortal myth. The exhibition will be on display in various locations throughout the Parco starting on 27 September 2019, and Sebastiano Tusa was part of its scientific committee.

Adriana Fresina, Superintendent of the seas for the region of Sicily, will join us to remember the numerous achievements of Sebastiano Tusa’s career, illustrating to the public perhaps one of the most extraordinary: the discovery of the ships beneath the waters of the Aegadian Islands.

Invito 4 aprile 2019 Adriana Fresina