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The fourth date of our “Conversations in the Curia” cycle, scheduled for Thursday, 29 April at 16:30, focuses on Andrea Augenti’s “Scavare nel Passato” (“Digging into the Past”), published by Carocci Editore.

Professor Andrea Augenti (University of Bologna) embarks on a fascinating journey through space and time in search of the most important historical figures and the excavations that have written the history of modern archaeology. Through the discipline’s greatest discoveries and key figures, Prof. Augenti’s book examines the archaeological method, in other words a way of writing history concentrated on the material aspects of human events. Journalist and “ARCHEO” magazine director Andreas Maximilian Steiner and geologist/science communicator Mario Tozzi will join PArCo director Alfonsina Russo to speak about the book.

The event, broadcast live from the Curia Julia in the Roman Forum on the PArCo’s Facebook page, will also be available on Youtube and as a podcast on Spotify.

To follow the conference: connect to on Thursday, 29 April at 16:30; the conference will be broadcast in the first available post on the page (no Facebook account necessary to participate);

After 1 May, video of the event will be available here:

After 1 May, audio from the event will be available as a podcast here: