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The Colosseum Museum on the amphitheater’s second tier was first opened in December 2018. It constitutes a first stage in our reimagining of how to use the monument’s resources to the very best of their potential, a project that’s taken shape in themed itineraries throughout all of the Colosseum’s various visitable spaces, continuously updated and with plenty of surprises in store for 2021.

The findings of the excavations, studies and research projects carried out over the last few years have all been presented in the Colosseum’s latest exhibitions and consolidated in rich, comprehensive publications. These have all contributed in increasing and improving our understanding of the amphitheater over the course of its long lifetime, including the various periods in which it was practically or ideologically repurposed, allowing us to instruct the public with ever greater efficacy and completeness.

Every Monday at 21:00, we’ll showcase the objects and materials that have written the “history” of the most famous amphitheater in the world, following its development, its changing functions and the social and political events that have directly influenced it.

We’ll be waiting for you on the PArCo social media, where we hope to see you soon!