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Guided Tours

The Moon over the Colosseum. The gladiator’s dream

Where: Rome, Colosseum
Who: Single visitors; groups of adults
When: May to October, every day except Sunday; November et December, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 2-6 January 2020 every day
Tematica: ancient history and archaeology
Durata: 75’
Numero partecipanti: 25


Full price: 24 euro
: 22 euro


Moon over the Colosseum – The gladiator’s dream is the title of the 2019 edition of the night tour of the Flavia Amphitheater. The testimonies of illustrious spectators of the as accompany the public on the visit to the second level and the discovery of the underground spaces. The viewing of a gladiator’s dream on the eve of a combat will enliven the arena floor, between the memory of glorious deeds and the figures of Champions known to us from ancient sources.


The evening activity is aimed at visitors interested in taking advantage of a new way to see the Colosseum: after sunset and away from the usual tourist itineraries, the unusual atmosphere makes the monument’s beauty shine in a special light. Thanks to an immersive path poised beetween reality and dream, the visitator will have an emotional experience that will project him into the history of the world’s most visited ancient monument.

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