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Guided Tours

The Palatine. 2020 Edition. From the foundation of the city to the imperial palaces

Where: Rome, the Palatine
Intended for: groups of adults
Activities: general itinerary
Theme: ancient history and archaeology                                                      When: every day at 5:45 pm (August and September)                                Meetin point: ticket office Vignola, via di San Gregorio 30
Duration: 60’
Number of participants: 10

Costs: group visits 130 euros (not including tickets entrance, to buy in advance, before the visit)

Description of activities:                                                                                                                                      A visit to discover the secrets of the Palatine Hill: from the foundation to the construction, piece by piece, of the layout of the city of Kings that became the mistress of the ancient world, with a special attention to some unconventional aspects of the universally known History.

To enhance the function of the archaeological area as an active center of culture and communication.
To develop visitors’ capacity for observation and criticism.
To educate visitors in a knowledge of the archaeological heritage and respect for it as a common good.

Tel.  +39 06 399 67 700