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Guided Tours

Underground levels of the Colosseum

Where: Rome, Colosseum
Intended for: Individuals; groups of adults; Secondary schools of all levels
Activities: special itinerary
Theme: ancient history and archaeology
Duration: 75’
Number of participants: 25

Individual visit 9.00 euros; school visit 100.00 euros; group visit up to 14 participants 160.00 euros; group visit from 15 to 25 participants 100.00 euros 

Description of activities:
Visitors will be guided in the discovery of the monument by a route that visits the arena and its underground structures, with insights into the organization of the spectacles and the spaces used by the gladiators.  

To enhance the function of the archaeological area as an active center of culture and communication.
To develop visitors’ capacity for observation and criticism.
To educate visitors in a knowledge of the archaeological heritage and respect for it as a common good.

info: +39 06 399 67 700