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The House of Augustus

Octavian was born on the Palatine Hill in 63 BCE and here he decided to erect his residence. This led to the hill being used as an imperial residence continuously until the fall of the empire.

The house, which had many phases of life until the Flavian era, was divided into an official area, connected with the temple precinct, and a private area, both characterised by mosaic floors and refined pictorial decoration.

Among the private rooms we can admire the “Room of the Masks”, which evokes the complex facade of a theatrical scene, and the “Room of the Pine Festoons,” both with simple but refined mosaic floors in alternating black and white.
The official part originally overlooked a peristyle arcade and still preserves pictorial decorations of the highest quality: from the large chamber (oecus) to the lower cubicle, from the ramp that rose from the temple square to the “private study”, you can admire perhaps the most refined examples of late Roman style II.

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Visits to the House of Augustus are conducted at the following times

– accompanied independent visits: departure at 9.30 a.m.; 10.00 a.m.; 12.30 p.m.; 1.30 p.m.; 2.00 p.m.

– multimedia visits in English: departure at 10.30 a.m.; 11.30 a.m.; 2.30 p.m.

– multimedia visits in Italian: departure at 11.00 a.m.; 12.00 p.m.; 3.00 p.m.

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