The SUPER Sites

The new itinerary leads through the Roman Forum and over the Palatine Hill. The visit will be enriched by video projections, lightmapping, narrative voices and new informational media that enable you to discover and explore:

  • painting in ancient Rome and Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance works;
  • the architecture of the domus and imperial palaces and their transformation through the centuries;
  • the sculptures and decorations that adorned public, private and religious buildings.



  • Santa Maria Antiqua
  • Domus Tiberiana (exhibition rooms)
  • Palatine Museum
  • Aula Isiaca and Loggia Mattei 
  • House of Augustus (closed on Monday)

The Curia Iulia will be open every day until 9 March 2024. From 9 March open every Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Admission to the Temple of Romulus is free daily until 29 April 2024.

The new tickets that give access to this route are Forum Pass SUPER and Full Experience ticket, that offer a new experience of visiting the city.