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As part of the exhibition CARTHAGO. The immortal myth and the ongoing Carthago Tuesdays at the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, the Curia Iulia in the Roman Forum will be host to the second study day focusing on Phoenicians and Carthaginians. The topic of this latest encounter is Heritage and archaeological research in Sicily.

Organized by Director of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo Alfonsina Russo and Francesca Guarneri, the Study Day is to commence at 9:00. Divided into a morning and an afternoon session, the aim of the study day is to present the latest information regarding Phoenician and Punic Sicily, through in-depth looks at the island’s sites, archaeological parks and materials uncovered in recent excavations. Mario Torelli will conclude the day’s proceedings, after which Alfonsina Russo will present the book published posthumously by J.G. Royal and S. Tusa on the site of the Battle of the Aegates.

The Study Day’s dual purpose is to create the opportunity for those interested to receive the latest information on new studies and activities in progress regarding Sicily’s Phoenician and Punic past and to stimulate and open a debate for the future.

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Organized by Martina Almonte and Federica Rinaldi (Parco archeologico del Colosseo), Francesca Guarneri (Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the city of Rome, the province of Viterbo and Southern Etruria), Paolo Xella (University of Tübingen) and José Ángel Zamora López (Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología-CSIC)

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