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Security, accessibility, hospitality, emotions – and new ticketing to welcome the citizens of Rome: on June 1st, 10.30 AM, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, after a period of closure determined by the CoVID-19 pandemic, finally reopens to the public.

Safety is the priority, with punctual protections for both staff and visitors; protections assured, first of all, by a memorandum of understanding with Asl Roma 1 that will guarantees, among other things, a medical-healthcare service in the Colosseum Square.

Equally important are the new routes and the different ways to access the PArCo:

 opening times will be changed, now between 10.30 and 19.15, with the last entry at 18.15.

There will be two types of ticket allowing the visit to the Roman Forum-Palatine and the Colosseum. The ordinary ticket of € 16,00, valid 24h, and the new reduced ticket: the Afternoon Reduced Ticket – or, better, “A.R.T.” – a special offer addressed, in the first place, to Roman citizens who will be able to visit the Park at the end of the working day, at the price of € 9,50, valid every day from 2.00 PM until closing time.

From May 28th, tickets will all be dematerialized and can be purchased exclusively online from the official website and from the website

For everyone, it will be possible to access all of the areas of the PArCo exclusively by booking the entrance online.

● All the tickets are linked to the free app “ParcoColosseo” that will allow, already from home, or at the latest at the entrance to the archaeological area, to download the maps of the routes, the historical contents and all the useful information for a safe visit. It will be possible to download ParcColosseo App both for Android and iOS systems.

● Before entering the Colosseum and the archaeological area of the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill (the Domus Aurea will be closed to the public for the time being), visitors, previously equipped with a mask, must undergo temperature measurement using a thermoscanner.

● At the Colosseum the ticket requires the compulsory reservation at a predetermined time. The access, in this first phase, will be exclusively from the so-called “Valadier abutment” and usable by individuals or groups of maximum 20 people, suitably distanced, who will enter every 15 minutes and will always be accompanied along the entire route.

There are two routes proposed:

  1. The Colosseum is told”, which will allow viewing of the underground from the 1st order, the ascent to the 2nd order, the visit to the permanent exhibition, the view from the Valadier terrace on the square of the Colosseum (estimated time 45 minutes). Accessibility will always be ensured with the assistance to vulnerable publics and the use of lifts with systematic sanitation interventions.
  2. “Colosseum-Arena” runs along the 1st order, always in the spirit of full accessibility, up to the Libitinaria door and from here an emotional access to the arena floor (estimated time 40 minutes, reduced route, purchasable with the afternoon ticket – A.R.T.).


There will also be a single entrance to the Roman Forum and the Palatine, along via dei Fori Imperiali, in Largo della Salara/Largo Corrado Ricci.  From here the public, without the need to book for a specific time, can follow 4 different routes:

  1. “The Roman Forum’s square” with exit from via del Foro Romano (estimated time 30′)
  2. “Walking on the via Sacra” with exit from the Arch of Titus (estimated time 1 hour 30′)
  3. “From the Roman Forum to the Imperial Palaces” with exit from via di S. Gregorio (estimated time 2 hours).
  4. “To the origins of Rome”, route along the southern slopes of the Palatine, with exit from via di S. Gregorio (estimated time 2 hours 30′).

It will be possible to experience all of the 4 different routes of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill during the same day, in accordance with the current health measures. No crowds will be allowed.

To commemorate this important moment and at the same time not to forget the hard blow inflicted by this health emergency on the whole world, as a sign of solidarity with all those who have lost relatives and friends, from the evening before the reopening until 7th June the Colosseum will be illuminated with the colours of the Tricolour, symbol of national cohesion and commonality.

Download the Press Kit for all the details and the maps of the new routes