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The Domus Transitoria — Nero’s first palace

The Domus Transitoria, Nero’s first residence on the Palatine, was used when the emperor was in “transit” (as its name suggests) between the imperial holdings on the Palatine and those on the Esquiline. After its destruction in the fire of 64 AD, the Domus Aurea was built as its substitute. However, a number of evocative spaces from Nero’s original residence can still be admired today.  Among them is an area with a nymphaeum and waterworks amidst architectural surroundings reminiscent of a theatrical backdrop and a triclinium surrounded by porphyry columns and colored marble pilasters, all designed for the emperor’s leisure and amusement. Two additional rooms show signs of the precious frescoes, stucco decorations and marble flooring, partially conserved and on display at the  Palatine Museum.

The monument is open to visitors from Friday to Monday until maximum visitor capacity is reached, as part of the new Forum Pass SUPER  and Full experience ticket, at the cost of 16 euros and valid for one day.



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