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All visitors who are entitled to a free ticket according to the law, whether individuals or groups with a guide, will be able to get their free ticket at the ticket officesaccording to the following procedures:



Children under 18 years old can enter together with paying adults on the same date and at the same time indicated on the ticket.
If you choose the ticket ‘24h Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine’, you do not need to book but you can collect your free ticket after passing the security controls, directly at the ticket office inside the Colosseum.
If you choose the ‘Full Experience’ or ‘Domus Aurea’ tickets, it will be necessary to reserve the free ticket at the time of purchase.



Individual visitors who are entitled to free tickets according to the law will also be able to collect their tickets from the ticket office located in piazza del Colosseo.
Groups with prevailing free tickets are assimilated to groups of students and therefore must necessarily book free tickets by the hour from the online container for school groups, with a maximum of five payable titles available for purchase.
Please note that Full Experience Arena and Underground tickets and Full Experience Attic tickets still require online booking as there is a quota of admission


EU tour guides in the exercise of their professional activity must request their own ticket in the cases provided.
Tourist guides not accredited by the Park are granted a free nominative ticket, bookable exclusively online, valid for 3 daily entrances with no time limit, which can be used for access to the Colosseum with ordinary route.
For the underground passages of the Colosseum, the Attic and the Arena floor it will always be necessary to book one free ticket per guide online.
The free ticket will have the same duration as the ticket with which it is associated, i.e. one day for the ordinary and two days Full Experience Arena.